About Us – Gary F. Yeaton Antiques, LLC

The primary responsibility of the professional antiques dealer is to authenticate and accurately value antiques.  In order to successfully accomplish this, the dealer must possess the expertise to properly evaluate each piece as to its origin, form, condition and desirability in the current market.  This skill is essential in ensuring that customers are getting a good value for their investment.

The owner, Gary Yeaton, has been actively buying, selling and restoring antiques for over 30 years. His experience in conservation and restoration has proved to be an invaluable advantage when purchasing and valuing antiques. The ability to detect repairs and imperfections is an important and coveted skill, especially considering the abundance and level of sophistication of fraudulent antiques on the market today. There is nothing that impacts the value of a piece more than its condition.

Gary’s career in antiques began in his teens and his interest in all things old ran the gamut from early paper, documents and books, to 18th century houses. Over the years he has bought and sold antique tools, early New Hampshire glass and American antique furniture from every period. As his knowledge and appreciation for antiques grew, his interest in Queen Anne, Chippendale and Federal period furniture became the focus. Over the years, Gary has sharpened his focus to include only the best examples considering quality, condition, form, surface and rarity. He has a special interest in pieces originating from his native state of New Hampshire as well as from Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts.

As a member of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association, Gary F. Yeaton Antiques has an excellent reputation for offering investment quality antiques. The focus is definitely furniture and clocks along with an interesting assortment of decorative objects of the period such as paintings, mirrors, candlesticks, decorative boxes and tea caddies.